OT and Surgical Services

B & B Hospital is known to be one of the fewer hospitals across the nation that is surgically focused and well equipped for delivering the largest range of surgical services with the necessary expertise, equipment and infrastructure for surgical procedures across multiple clinical specialties.

The hospital has 13 highly equipped operating rooms for different kinds of surgeries.

The operating rooms are well facilitated with highly sophisticated equipment comparable with the best in industry for performing all kinds of major and highly specialized surgeries.

The specialty needs of various types of surgeries are met through our customized rooms that are specifically designed to serve the purpose. A team of highly qualified technicians run the plasma sterilizer.

Effective co-ordination along with regular interaction and discussion is held within the surgical department and specialists of other medical departments in order to provide the best treatment method and procedure to the patients with various diseases and conditions.

Department members actively participate in extensive clinical research and educational activities.